Friday, August 21, 2009

Sleep shirt with vintage trim

I've been looking for a comfortable, lightweight, breathable, wash and wearable nightshirt for some time, so after looking and not finding, I had to break into the fabric stash and make it myself. So out came the rulers and paper, and after some fitting and revising, I had a pattern. Then there was the hunt for the trim. The trim on this shirt is so old, it was in my mother's stash! I've had it in my hands a million times over to either sell or donate, but just could not part with it. I'm happy I kept it, it's everything I ever wanted.

Night shirt with flower applique

Side slit

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lost Arts - Silk Embroidery

As I go through my mother's things, I am taken back to another time. I have a personal view that we have gone a little too utilitarian in terms of lingerie. An area that the french woman may know better than anyone. This was a nightgown from the late 40's - early 50's, it is crepe de chine silk, cut on the bias, with the most extraordinary silk embroidery on the upper bodice as well as the hem. It has just been taken out of storage and is being aired out, so it may not look it's best at the moment but there are shots following which focus on the embroidery itself. The fine hand embroidery is mind boggling, to think that a person can reach such precision with a fine willowy thread produced by a silk worm. It's awe inspiring.

close up 3

close up 1