Friday, February 25, 2011

Did she ever finish that housecoat??


Step 1. Ignore pattern instructions for seam finishes. It would have been fabulous to do that hand finished overcast, and I think this is why the pattern is unused, the previous owner was probably daunted by all of the suggested hand work. What are sergers for anyway?

It really needed it, this fabric frays wildly...

There were a few challenges, I found two defects in the fabric, one landed on the center back bodice, and the other on the skirt.

Once I tried it on, I couldn't get the cat to stop dive bombing at my feet, he likes the hemline.

The other was the space I needed to lay out the fabric and cut, it was a floor job.

There are just a few things to finish, like the sash, but the majority is finished. I also need to find some larger shoulder pads, the ones in there now, are pretty thin.