Thursday, March 7, 2013

What a Fashionable Child wore in the 70's

My mother made this for me and it had to be one of my most prized possessions. How cool was I?
An abstract Giraffe Print corduroy with a front zip and pocket, and black fringe.... but the real reason I loved it?  It is lined in a mohair fabric that I have only seen used in stuffed bears.  I had to hurry up and donate it for fear I would hide it back in the closet again, can't believe I didn't get better pics.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Gathered Peplum Lace Jacket 1990's

This is another one of those jackets that have been stashed away.  This is an allover cotton lace with a scallop edge, lined in silk organza, there is a rayon seam tape used as a waist stay, the front cross over is held in place with a hook and eye, and snap.  The side seams are Hong Kong finish, and the sleeves have a stiff tulle ruffle to hold the wide sleeve head up.  

I love the little organza base for the thread loop on the waist.  It's almost invisible, and frequently I would hook the lace instead of the loop.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Chloe LBD Guess When it Was Made....

Taking advantage of the clear out to bring to you this Couture dress from Chloe, I would love to hear what year you think this dress was made.  

The fabric
The dress is black silk crepe de chine, it is lined in the same and has a built in slip.

The details
It's an elegant little slip of a dress, and weighs close to nothing. The dress has princess lines on the front, two high slits that sit mid thigh, they never open completely but flash a bit of leg with a long gait, it has a hand picked center back zipper and hook and eye.  The straps have functioning buttonholes on the front with pearl buttons, the straps cross on the back.  On the inside in addition to the dress being fully lined, there is a built in slip.

 The front slit
 The back slit (underneath is the built in slip)
 The center back hook & eye and pick stitched zipper
 Crossed straps and center back slit
 A peek at the slip

 The dress is almost pretty enough to wear inside out
 Back construction slip - with elastic waist casing, seam allowance folded back and stitched and zig zag edge finish.
Bias Tubing detail to keep slip in place and can be used to adjust if necessary.
 Seam Allowance zig zag finish
Slip waist, front is flat with self taping, the back has elastic
 Front slit detail, from the slip side
 Back slip and zipper area