Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Latest addition..... The Rocketeer

I've been reading a bit about vintage machines these days and how they produce fabulous stitches and well i've been swept up with the possibilities.  So After a few ebay purchases, and a craig's list find, I present the latest addition to my machine collection.


This is what it looks like open... yes it's a Rocketeer!!!


It was $25.00, for everything.  Now, the cabinet has a few scuffs on it, and the bench has to be tightened, two of the legs move a little.  I'll be either stripping or repainting the cabinet, someone suggested a glaze, and I've always wanted to try that.  The machine actually works but needs cleaning, and it does produce a lovely straight stitch.  There were a few feet included but no cams.  Hopefully by the end of the week, this puppy will be clean, and I'll post some more pics then.