Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's all about Liberty today!!

If you like those Liberty of London fabrics this post will not disappoint!!

This might be good news for quilters who have always wanted a Liberty of London quilt, they are producing a new range of fabrics specifically for crafting or quilt making you can read all about it here.  The new line is called Lifestyle Fabrics, and there is limited availability on for about $15.00 a yard (without coupons).

If you aren't aware Liberty of London UK also have a blog with sewing projects, interviews and all things Liberty.    Liberty Fabric blog

As well as a Liberty Craft blog - If you ever wanted instruction on how to make a tea cozy, woven coasters, eye masks (because sometimes we need them) or more importantly for those of you in cold weather sitting on that Tana Lawn, a hot water bottle cover.

Maybe you want to pick up The Liberty Book of Simple Sewing, there are some interesting kitschy projects in there.

Or peruse their book Liberty British Colour Pattern, isn't it fun?

Or maybe you want to peruse the online magazine called.... Sew Liberty (Issue 3).  This is the latest issue and they seem to still be on Christmas projects, but still worth a visit as they have other projects as well, and nice introductions to their guest bloggers.

If you still want more of Liberty here is a short video showing how the Tana Lawn prints are produced, amazingly still prrinted in the UK.