Monday, December 27, 2021

What slows you down when you're doing a clear out? Is it heirloom baby bed clothes?

 Going through all of the drawers and closets looking for bedding and towels... and I find my baby clothes and bedding. 

Mom was very talented, and I was a spiffy baby.  Enjoy! For tomorrow we sew.

I wonder how many pandemic babies are out there?

Robe and binky
Dress with lace insertion and embroidery
Crib sheet set

Two cotton baby blankets a bed jacket and bib

Crib sheet and pique blanket with scalloped edges and valenciennes lace

Crib sheet detail

The cotton and linens used are so fine, it makes the linen we can get today look like burlap.

I think one day, some of these crib sheets might find themselves in quilts... just a thought.

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