Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini Storage project - Repurposed Wood Wine Boxes

Ever need just a drawer for storage?  Tax time meant purging paperwork, and then continued to purging in general.  I have an open wall unit, and thought an open bin might be a good idea when a light bulb went off and I repurposed some wine boxes to keep my DVD's organized.

What you need...
1 - empty wooden wine box
1 - can of Krylon crystal clear acrylic coating
1 - bottle of rubber cement with application brush
1 - yard of felt

All four outer sides were sprayed with the clear acrylic.
Felt was marked for the bottoms.

 Rubber cement was applied to the bottom, and the felt was applied.

After 10 minutes, the felt was trimmed to fit.

Loaded with DVD's
 Pushed into the wall unit.
The sizes aren't standard, some are shallower, others deeper, you can find them at liquor stores in your area.
Some will give them to you free, others will charge a fee. Supplies to make 4 ran about $15.00.  Some boxes come with slide in tops, others are nailed flush to the top.... just things to keep in mind when you look at them.


Corrine said...

A great and decorative way to re-purpose. Between this and the Featherweight, you are getting lots of points in the craft/creative area! Do you weave baskets:)

ELMO said...

lol, I've never taken basket weaving, but I love those Nantucket baskets, very pretty. I'll be back to sewing tomorrow, just marking my pants now.

Winepine said...

Very unique. I really like how you finished them with the acrylic, and thank you for the Krylon share. The felt is great, and the books fit perfectly! Thank you again.