Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vogue 8804 vs 8259 pattern differences

The Claire Shaeffer release of the new Chanel jacket pattern was timely for me as I've been working away on my muslin, so I've taken a break and looked at these patterns side by side once again.

8804 - on a size 16
 - Is 3" shorter
- 2 1/4" wider
- Is a 2 button vent vs 3 button
- sleeve hem is not curved - straight and square

- Has no collar

- Has bust dart stay

Body of jacket
- Has no side seam but a side panel
- more shaping, less boxy
- Center front is squared off instead of gently shaped at the neckline and hem
- Still has quilting guidelines
- Is about the same length

*** Update Claire Shaeffer wrote in to add some more differences for those of you who are keeping track**

The front sleeve on 8804 is on a slight bias. 
There are hand-sewn darts on the back lining to "shrink" out some of the fullness.
- Sized a little smaller
- Placed below the bust

So this one stands on it's own, it's not 8259, and if you were thinking of buying the pattern and  lengthening the sleeve, it's a completely different curve on this version, but you don't need a sleeve that's as long as the one on 8259 (I've shortened it 1 1/4" and it's still long).

Now back to work on my muslin....


Corrine said...

The newer translation seems to echo the more casual lines more prevalent today. I prefer a less boxy style now, almost modified-cardigan cut. A girl could make a living just translating the Chanel jacket...just saying!

ELMO said...

LOL there's your brain working again, I could call it the little "C" jacket.

Corrine said...

It's true, can't help it. Love the new format, now I can pop through all your posts and mine them for ideas.

ELMO said...

I finally got everything to work right, changing formats is never without some hiccups.