Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chanel jacket muslin continued - collar & sleeve facings added

The Chanel jacket muslin continues to progress.  There have been a number of changes from the last post, collar has been sewn in, hem has been interfaced, all of the seam allowance catch stitching is completed, sleeve facings have been sewn in, and the sleeves themselves have been set in by machine.

You have got to love a shoulder seam that matches!!

Side 3

Front 3

Back 3

Catch stitch prep

We still have the  pockets, trim, lining and buttonholes to do.  Once the pockets are attached the lining can go in, the lining on this version will not be quilted, so let's imagine this is a ready to wear version of the jacket, not a couture version, even though there are couture techniques involved.


Corrine said...

It does (match perfectly) and I am. (very impressed)

ELMO said...

Thank you Corrine! Now I'm onto picking trim, let's hope that goes as well.