Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still playing....Chanel jacket buttons

Buttons can be a prominent feature of the jacket or they can fade away.  Most of the Chanel buttons are little works of art... there aren't any of those in the stash.  So here are some fun examples of buttons and some more crazy embellishments.

Flower buttons


Little round silver dome buttons


Black knot buttons


Sequin motifs 



This jacket has had many moods....


Corrine said...

Love the flower buttons, they remind me of a white "shift" dress with a scalloped hem that I wore in 1967! The buttons were on the left shoulder. Loved that dress. I suppose the button choice will coincide with the trim selection. Glad this not my decision to make:)

couturearts said...

Those flower buttons on the top are amazing. You probably know this already, but if you use them, don't try to make buttonholes for them. Attach them to the jacket as an embellishment, then position large snaps under them to close the jacket.

ELMO said...

Corrine - Yes there are still a few other ideas about trim that are bouncing around in my head, so we're not done yet.

Couturearts - Yes snaps are the way to go, the pedals will not survive the buttonhole experience.

Clio said...

Oooh the petals ARE nice and very eye catching. The jacket looks sensational!

ELMO said...

Thanks Clio - I think it will be finished this weekend.