Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jacket to trim or not to trim that is the question

This is what I get for putting so much energy into a muslin.  Now I want to wear it, and further more I want it to be perfect.  I sit myself down and think of all of the possible color combinations, then try to marry it with the stash, and think about what is already in my wardrobe that I can wear with it.  As they say "No pressure".

Until I can come up with a satisfactory answer to these questions I'm posting all of the considerations made so far, so you can see that they are limitless.... where are those project runway limitations when I need them?

The first looks very Parisian to me, the combination of peach and high contrast black and white trim, the second is a bit funky, the third transparent and will need to be combined with something else to make it more interesting, the last is the one I started with but there's not enough yardage and there is damage.  Making it out of self fabric trim is not an option, another possibility is to make a knit trim for it.

High contrast

Funky ribbon and pearl sequins

Embroidered Organza



misbehaving fringe... and too little yardage to complete this project.



I'll put this aside until the dust clears and work on another muslin until the muse strikes.

What I really want is this but the fabric is too lightweight to take all of these crystals.
Vintage beads and sequins


Marie-Noëlle said...

The 1st option is my favourite so far but it is not easy to determine the best option with the photos. So bad you cant use the last one it is fabulous.

ELMO said...

Marie-Noelle - Which one would Chanel pick? Maybe the last one, it's just not fair, I would need to send it to Lesage and have them embellish for me.

Corrine said...

I'm thinking the first one. I like the contrast, very versatile. Would look great with LBD or jeans. But the knit trim idea is really interesting. I think that might be the one, are you thinking picot edges, itty-bitty little cables or twists, maybe a flat braid with a rope twist on top? but maybe you want to save that for the non-muslin. So many options, so little time~

ELMO said...

It's mind boggling, I haven't even put the color trim in the post. I'm just going to sleep on it a few nights, especially since I haven't even thought of buttons yet.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I love the first option--it is graphic and bold and the dark contrast really highlights the lines of the jacket.

ELMO said...

Everybody likes the first, here's the kicker, I may not have enough for the jacket.