Monday, May 21, 2012

Bill Blass 2463 muslin progress - sleeves

The sleeves are pin basted, and the shoulder pads are in place.  I'm not sure how I feel about the fit.


The sleeves are much narrower than I thought but looking at the envelope, it's in a fabric with drape, so it's deceiving.

From "Adonising" Dressing for Dinner
The issue I'm having is the area from the sleeve cap to midway between the shoulder and bust point. It is collapsing, so I'll have to pull the shoulders up to eliminate the excess.  I may eliminate the shoulder pads altogether, since it looks a bit square on me.

   The back looks good even on the body.  The two piece sleeve has a nice curve to it.  I will have to shorten it a little, about 2".  The FBA adjustment shortened the front piece about 2" and I will shorten it in addition to that.

Slowly but surely we're making progress here, and I'm sure to find the collar once the furniture is back in it's place.  Plumbing issues are never any fun.

Continued here... Fitting upper bust

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