Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Textile envy....

Do you ever look at some of runway garments and think, well yeah that's a simple little frock but look at the fabric there is no way I can ever make that.  That's what I was thinking when I saw this.  Now I would pick other colors but, these designers have textile firms print up their colors and designs for them.

Chloe top 1

Look at how cute it is under a jacket. 

chloe top 2 Here's the back. chloe top 3 

 I mean how hard can it be? I could never make it though.... because I'd spend all my efforts online shopping for it and never find a suitable stripe, or decent fiber content, but why stop now, why not take an even closer look to torture myself some more
chloe top 4

chloe top 5
Hey wait a minute, do you see what I see? This puppy is pieced, you can make it out of anything you'd like.

This top is by Chloe on
I figured since I can't sew again for a while, I'd do some snoop shopping.


Corrine said...

Pieced was my first impression, as a quilter my thoughts go there automatically. very stylish. is the fabric silk? rayon? Much like the current color blocking trend, it gives dimension to the style. I like your new format, very clean, crisp, easy to read. :)

ELMO said...

It looks like a silk faille, shouldn't be too difficult to piece. I've been experimenting with the format, so thank you!!