Sunday, May 6, 2012

Facings almost done.. hit a bit of a snag

It's beginning to look more like a real jacket now.  Interlining has been attached to the hem, sleeve facings have been added and basted, so hand stitching today.



Well here we are.... your worst nightmare as a sewist... can anyone guess what happened?

Front facing

The front facing which was tenderly fused to the front fabric piece is shorter than it needs to be.
As a matter of fact, the pattern piece used to cut this piece had no seam allowances.  It was one that I used in the previous version 3 years ago and it got mixed up in the pile of pattern tracings and I grabbed the wrong one.  Now I had gone back and forth in my head about using it because it's a bit stiff but now that this happened, I must use it.  There is no more fabric.

 Problem solving is part of the process.

Meanwhile, the jacket looks lovely on, much better than anticipated.  I've been trying to think of where this color might exist naturally in nature to help me come up with some color schemes for buttons and trim.  It's a funny color, a bit of a nude peach/pink it has a little grey in it.  So here's my very short list.

Eggs (egg shells)
French Manicures (not really a natural color but it works, it gives me white as a possible combination)

What other colors can be combined with this?
Maybe a quick check in the closet to see what I already have, that might go with it....

Anyone else have any ideas?

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