Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vogue 8259 - Three piece sleeve

 Here are the pattern pieces for the sleeve. The seam lands down the center of the arm. The vent sits a bit more forward than other vents. The sleeve is very fitted.
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Look how skinny they are!!

They've been pin basted here, and I tried it on.  All I can say is fit models earn their money.
Sleeves pin basted

What's next?  Lining, pockets, trim.

This version will not be quilted, it's more in line with what was shown in the Chanel jacket youtube video.
It's also feeling a little bridal, and a cross between a Chanel jacket and Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Sp 2012 collection.  I see a white dress in my future.

Louis Vuitton sp 2012 b Louis Vuitton sp 2012 a Louis Vuitton sp 2012


Corrine said...

Getting there. You are so correct, those are rather fitted sleeves. I have never done a 3 piece sleeve. The Chanel-style jackets I have done were two-piecers with sort of a built in elbow shaping. A cheater. I think the jacket will be elegant in this color.

ELMO said...

I don't know if a 2 piece sleeve is a cheater, as long as it fits properly.

Clio said...

I'm really enjoying seeing this project come together! I've never done a 3-piece sleeve either. Are you finding it better than a 2-piece sleeve?

ELMO said...

I'm not sure that it's better or worse, but if you want a sleeve that is really fitted in a woven it's probably the way to go.

Janet said...

I'm new to this blogging game - but can anyone tell me how to draft a 3 piece sleeve - I have been wanting to make an 'authentic' Chanel jacket, but can't find any drafting guides or patterns wit 3 piece sleeves.

ELMO said...
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ELMO said...

Janet - Welcome, If you want to draft your own pattern using a two piece sleeve you can follow this link.

Or buy the latest Claire Shaeffer pattern Vogue 8804.