Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Impressive jacket Snoop Shopping

The giveaway is extended to June 1st, I think a lot of people were away for the holidays, and I want to give everyone a chance.  So just leave your comments here on the giveaway post.

I went snoop shopping again, it's as much fun as I can have without spending money, and it's educational to boot.  This was an outing to explore what other designers do for jacket trim.  This would have totally worked for the pink jacket but I wanted to try the fringe, so this will go in my fashion folder.  There was a lot to like about this jacket, the cut is really interesting and the details were executed really well.

Zac Posen

The braid on this jacket is readily available, I think they may even have it at Joann's.  The tulle or netting is probably cotton, so that is a bit of a specialty item, but you could probably substitute a sheer fabric or something else in it's place.

Zac posen cuffZac Posen insideZac Posen close up trimZac Posen Jacket back

The jacket is fitted but not crushing, the darker peplum is good for those of us who want to camouflage a wider bottom.  The braid and buttons can be easily obtained.  I love the silk charmeuse lining, bias binding on the facing. the inside pocket, and the grosgrain button closure detail (although functional it is cumbersome to operate).  The fabric was very stiff, so I am assuming that it is fused to interlining, not a big fan of that.  In contrast to the other jacket I snoop shopped last week, I like that this one is impeccably finished on the inside. Here is the matching skirt, with the same details.  While this is not my style, I really enjoyed seeing fine workmanship.


Close up of seam and trim.
Trim close up


Irene said...

Love that black trim. Seems to be stitched down along the outside edge. Am I right?

Corrine said...

I love it when you snoop shop! The trim is outstanding! It reminds me of a jacket a friend wore during the fall season, she bought it at Dress Barn, if you can imagine. While it is factory finished not hand finished, the look is quite similar.

ELMO said...

Irene - You are right, it is stitched down right on the edge towards the braid, and on the outside edge it is stitched down about a scant 1/8" leaving a tiny fringe effect.

Corrine - I'm glad you like it, I plan on doing more of these.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

What lovely details, thank you for documenting them. I don't have the patience to go into stores so I'm glad I have someone to do it for me!

ELMO said...

Consider me your personal shopper :)

becki-c said...

Very interesting! I recognize the designer. I too have noticed that a lot of higher end RTW clothes are completely underlined, even with fusible interfacing. I have started doing it my self more. Clothes really do look better when properly structured.
Where are your favorite places to snoop?