Thursday, May 24, 2012

What do you get for $1,041 ? Snoop Shopping

I went snoop shopping at an outlet, and found a jacket for $1,041 (marked down from $2,900, a steal, a bargain) from a famous designer label.  I can't find a photo of it on the web to date it, so let's say it's from a few seasons ago.  Yes entirely too small for me, but I thought cute.

DG jacket
DSC02206 Now when I say cute, I did not warm up to the print (which reminded me of my grandmother's curtains), but the fabric itself was soft and very snuggle worthy. I also liked the chunky lace, especially since I have so much lace in my stash, I'm always looking for ways to use it. Here's where the fun begins. Construction details.

There are exactly two darts at the back neck.

There may be some shaping hidden at the lace insert seams, but it's very slight.

The sleeves are two piece with an overarm seam.  I really liked the sleeves.

The collar piece is finished with the overcast and lapped over the neckline. (Very interesting)

Seam allowances are finished with an overcast stitch as well as other raw edges around the insert area, but they didn't stop there, the center front edge as well as the sleeve edge, pocket edge & flap and collar have the same treatment.

There are self facings turned up at the hem.

Separate facings at the neck, center front, and sleeve.

Center front and collar are interfaced with what might be organza or a lightweight satin.

The front closing consists of 4 large snaps.

So I say dust off those sergers and get working on jacket.

DSC02207 DSC02208 DSC02209 DSC02211 DSC02215 DSC02216 DSC02217 DSC02210


Corrine said...

Don't you just smile when you see such a high priced item and know that you can do the same thing for a fraction of the price? I love studying construction techniques. This proves that a serger is appropriate for what I refer to as "light couture!"

ELMO said...

That is exactly right!! The serger which we all think of as strictly for knits, not to be seen, and here we have it, as decorative and practical. All you need is a simple jacket pattern to create your own couture jacket. Love the "light couture" I'm going to have to steal that LOL.

Audrey said...

Neat combination of chunky lace and floral print jacquard fabric. I'll have to add that to my creative ideas folder. Though I was surprised it was a D&G. It is not a look I associate with them.

Tia Dia said...

Weee!! I just LOVE snoop shopping. It makes me smug that I sew and shocked at what people will pay for something because of the label when I see some of the lack of proper finishing!! Great photos!

Irene said...

I'm all for serging seam allowances. Always have been. It certainly gets the job done so much faster than various other methods.
That is a lovely jacket, but for that price...

ELMO said...

For $1,041 You could buy a serger and some fine fabric.