Friday, May 4, 2012

When it doesn't pay to sew.

I found a new thrift shop in the area and while I don't normally look at the clothing sections, lately I've been on the hunt for large yardages or interesting buttons in good shape.  I mean there's no real threat in these places a lot of the clothes are pretty thread bare and RTW which doesn't fit well... right?

Talbot's quilted jacket -front

Talbot's quilted jacket - back

Talbot's button jacket detail

At $8.00, I couldn't come close to buying the fabric, buttons, zippers, contrast suede trim, lining, batting... at a minimum $8.00 would have been the cost of shipping alone.  I tried it on initially to see if this style had a 3/4 sleeve like the Chanel jackets in the spring collection, and when it fit just couldn't leave it behind.  It's in new condition, it was a steal!!

So this is a good example of when it doesn't pay to sew.


Corrine said...

Lucky you! Cousin has it in black, size zero, it is a great transitional piece here. (yes, size zero, and she is not anorexic! Her Mother was the Grand Sewist in our family, I used to get the hand-me-downs, we were the same size. Ugh!) I tried to find one in my size without luck. I need to hit the shops. With the cost of decent fabric these days and other elements needed to complete the garment, cost to sew is almost becoming a moot point.

ELMO said...

Yay me!! a bargain!! I remember when I was a size 0.... oh well. I'm finding a lot of really good items lately. This would be a winter coat for us, we hardly had a winter at all this past year.

erinkg said...

That jacket is gorgeous! IS it a new style garment or is it older (not necessarily vintage, but you know)?

ELMO said...

You know, these quilted jackets have been around a while I'm not really sure what season it's from, but I would say relatively recent.