Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Camisole project

There is a sewing blog from New Zealand that sponsored a lingerie sew along in December and I missed it preparing for the holidays. You might have missed it as well, so head on over and have a peek at some pretty wonderful renditions of this pattern. Her name is Sherry, and she's a pattern maker who shares her knowledge. She's a great resource if you want to stretch your skills and she has a few tutorials to follow as well.


The pattern is based on a "B" cup, like most of the pattern companies, so I needed a few rounds to make it my own. I'm pretty pleased at the results.

Ruby slip cami version front - wearable muslin

Ruby slip cami version back- Wearable muslin

This looks better on the body.
Ruby slip cami version 2 - wearable muslin


Corrine said...

beautiful! I adore camisoles. It is cold up here above the Mason Dixon line. My major adjustment is back strap placement to keep them where they belong.

ELMO said...

Hi Corrine!!
Nice to hear from you. Will you be making any? I really recommend this pattern, and the printing and taping isn't too bad.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Beautiful! I love your use of lace, very old school glamour.

Clio said...

Beautiful! Wow, so many sewistas have made the most beautiful slips with this pattern!