Thursday, June 25, 2015

The retaining wall finished!!!

It took a week in high 90 degree temperatures, it was money well spent.



Each block weighs 80 lbs

This was the fastest progress they made because this side had been chopped back of the foliage.

The sod will be coming in the fall.

We are opposed to planting anything here, now that we know the potential for overgrowth.

The next project in the back will be cladding the steps, maybe in the fall.


celkalee said...

I saw this post last night but was having computer issues and could not comment. Sometimes I hate technology! Anyway, it looks great, you are absolutely correct it was money well spent. It changes the character of the house entirely. The look is clean, modern and uncluttered, love it. In addition, removing all that rambling greenery from the house will improve air flow reducing moisture and future damage to the wooden parts. Not to mention creepy crawlies and scurrying critters! Good move.

ELMO said...

From you lips to God's ears, I hope the creepy crawlers stay away!! I will miss the jasmine though, there are fragrant hanging plants in my future.