Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wabi Sabi Mosaic

Finally the bungalow is completely tiled. It's been a challenging week, fuzzy butt went on walk about as the sun was setting, so for 2.5 hours I was in pitch black calling his name.  He had made it off the property, crossed the road and set about discovering the neighboring properties in the dark, and all I could think was this kitty will not make it back, he has no front claws and there are snakes, raccoons, bears, and large country cats.  Here he is after his venture, calmly eating his dinner, while mommy pours herself a glass of wine.

We have completed the tiling portion of the work on the little house.
We have added another 170 sq feet of living space, after enclosing the patio in glass and tiling.
Here we used the Schluter trim again, being careful not to cover the existing track in case that ever has to be replaced.  I was undecided between using one or two lines of the bamboo pencil thin tiles.

I finally went with the two strips of bamboo for balance, which was painful, each tile moving independently.  It looks like an ancient mosaic, not perfect by any means, but it's mine.

We had a space heater set up to keep the room under freezing temperatures, so the mortar sets up properly.

Boots has found a new home in a champagne box.

This has to be my favorite space in the house, perfect for watching the setting sun and the crazy country cats.


celkalee said...

Another milestone! I would love that room, the glass would almost disappear and it would feel like a room without a roof! Bad Kitty, turning into a cruiser. They have that independent streak that worries us but he is now a 'country cat' and looking for adventure. So glad he did not meet up with the local wild life.

ELMO said...

I am too, the only reason I have the little bugger is because he showed up at my door without claws. The room is a good room, we still have some finishing work to do and that's that for that room.

becki-c said...

It looks adorable, this will be such an awesome accomplishment!
i really admire your fortitude for finishing with such professional results.

Welcome home kitty cat. Hopefully his wanderlust has run its course. Have a glass of wine, or two.