Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Memory Quilt - the Evolution

This was to be the plan from the start.... it was a good size here...

but once the blocks were joined, it shrunk 3" x 4", so more blocks would have to be added..

The corners were supposed to tie into a story about how she would be navigating her life going forward with the Mariner's compass print.

She selected the back fabric, from these options.

Modern hash

Digital print (my favorite)

Cheerful and feminine 

I like the pac man quality of the corners..

The corners were kept consistent, using the back fabric for the corner blocks.

There were a few things to be added yet, a monogram?  comedy, tragedy masks to represent acting, and what else?

Her initial in double to balance the masks in the opposite corner.

The masks

The heart, because we love her.

The world, before her....

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