Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Transferring pattern to fabric....

What's interesting to me as a sewist, is how we solve the problem of transferring patterns to fabric.  In quilting, we have a number of different techniques.  There are templates that you trace onto your pattern medium of choice, acrylic templates, die cut machines, plastic templates, and some as simple as strip construction, or instructions on how to cut fabric with rulers.  This will be the exploration of all of the types available, and how easy they are to use.


The project I'm working on now, is a brochure, with the templates drawn out on the last page.  It's a mini quilt 26" x 26", in civil war prints.  I loved it when I saw it, the prints are so tiny, and I've always loved miniatures.


You have the option here of making the template including or excluding seam allowances.  I did both.
When it came time to cut, I used the template with the seam allowances included, and used the template without to mark the back of the piece for my stitch lines.


This method I can tell you is very labor intensive, but if you get into a groove, over the course of a few nights while watching tv, you can get all 300+ pieces cut.  This project does not have a deadline, so it's all about the process.


Trying to be organized...


Almost there.....


Finally !!


I'm going to confess, I did not follow the method above for the 9 patch blocks, those puppies were cut into strips, and assembled in one evening, by using the methods explained by Eleanor Burns, I think she has spoiled me for all other methods, but what a sense of accomplishment.

Untitled        Untitled

We shall see how the assembly process goes.  These pieces are so tiny, I'm not sure I can run them through the machine, they may have to be assembled by hand.  I don't even like the thought of it, but it's only 13 stars.

Some of the benefits that I see here are that you go slowly, which allows you to really think about the grain lines and pattern placement.  It's a bit of a zen process, but not very fast.  If you want fast, this may not be the way to go.


Eileensews said...

Glad to see you back at your blog. I enjoyed your house renovation blog as well, but haven't seen it in awhile.

celkalee said...

Love those civil war prints. You are so methodical and organized that I am in a swoon!

Arianamaniacs said...

How’s the quilt looking so far?

ELMO said...

Ariana!! I was looking for you on pattern review. The quilt is very much as it was left in the post. I've been busy. It's great to hear from you.