Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Life Happens..... you never know what's lurking under those bathroom walls!!

Just when you think you are done.... they pull you back in.  Home maintenance, is a pain.  So, when I moved out of the little house, we still had a few projects to do to finish what we had started 4 years ago.  Prepping the floor in the bedroom closet, I noticed a leak.  Thankfully, not from the roof, but from the bathroom.  We go to the bathroom to find loose tiles, crumbling green board and mold.  We decided to leave the tiles around the bath tub, and tackle the kitchen and the living area floor, we thought the bathroom looked ok.

I mean, this is what we started with... no medicine cabinet, vanity, or light fixtures.  The surround had an avocado green bullnose, the floor tile was peach.
 We tried to keep what we could, so that meant the tub, surround tile, and everything you see here.  The floor was replaced.

The bullnose was replaced.

Here we are today.....
When we took down the walls, we learned that they had insulated the wall behind the green board with styrofoam, and that we had a vine growing sandwiched between the greenboard and the styrofoam.  The vine was removed, and mold was treated. It's nice and clean now, ready for a fresh start.

Then  I decided to remove the popcorn, because patching the popcorn around the ceiling would not be pretty. That was just a few hours work, so not bad for a good result. Primer and paint after the ceiling edges are taped, and we are good to go.

Now I get to design a new bathroom, Yay!!

I'll be posting about sewing again soon....


celkalee said...

nothing like a little project now and then!

ELMO said...

This is going to take a while longer... argh!!