Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simplicity 2339 White Shirt and button selection

Simplicity 2339 front

Simplicity 2339 

Simplicity 2339 back

Simplicity 2339 side

This shirt told me it wants silver colored buttons.  So I went through the button stash to look for silver buttons and here's what I found...

button 1

ok, not silver but still a possibility....
button 3

button 2

button 4

I think the smaller square buttons are going to be the ones... it picks up the square weave design in the fabric better than any of the others.

You can see that little weave in this pic.

This was a good pattern, one of the few that did not have excess sleeve cap ease.  This will be a nice cool summer shirt, not fashion forward but very "neat".  I do have to say this for it, there is ease in the body, and the way it is constructed, there is a lot of shaping, waist darts (front & back), bust dart, yoke seams.  This is one of the few shirts in my wardrobe that does not strain over the bust.  There is ease where it is needed.
It's also one of the "Amazing Fit" series from Simplicity, so it gives you pattern pieces for different cup sizes.

What it really needs now is a good pressing, and finishing.


Karin said...

It looks like the perfect thing for summer in Florida! Light and cool. I like the smaller buttons too.

Irene said...

Beautiful shirt! Love the fabric.

becki-c said...

That really does look fabulous! You really have a great fitting shirt there. I kind of like the round ones in the last picture.

ELMO said...

The fabeic is perfect for hot weather but I had a bit of a giggle because I have been ironing it, and it flattens out for a few seconds then puckers right up again. This is one fabric I was very happy to pre wash, and it will be perfect to travel, because the wrinkles are built in.

I think I'm going to try another pattern.... I'm really searching for the perfect white shirt and have a few patterns to get through.

The last buttons are nice, but I think I'm going to keep them for a shirt dress, as I have enough for the dress.

Anonymous said...

Your shirt is great but I have a question (and it may be inappropriate). What about armpit stains? I find that after two or three wearings, most of my white shirts are stained beyond belief. Any suggestions?

ELMO said...

There are a few things that I've read that might help.

- Some recommend cascade granular dishwash powder or a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, let it sit for 1/2 hour.

They also say that solid deoderants actually bind with the thread, making it harder to get out.