Sunday, June 3, 2012

Being Green with Listerine :) and useless information

On my list was - how large mouthwash bottles are... and ugly.... and being green when using mouthwash.

I use both Act and Listerine (the non flouride kind).  I want to mention this because flouride mouthwash comes with specific dosages and rinsing times.  On the Act with flouride they have the measurement in the cap of 10 mml.  (There is such a thing as flouride toxicity)  The Listerine antiseptic just instructs you to rinse for 30 seconds, Act for 1 minute.

To make things easier on myself, I am going to standardize my measurement to 10 mml.
Also, I don't want those big bottles hanging around, so I'm going to decant  them into smaller bottles (that I just happened to have, which are the travel sized Listerine bottles).  These small ones will last me about 2 weeks, at which point I'll just refill them.

I didn't want to use paper or plastic cups in the bathroom and remembered that I still had a few schnapps glasses from a trips to Germany and Switzerland.  I had tried to sell them on ebay, but no one is buying schnapps glasses these days, and they are pretty cute.  So being green, I am using what I already own, and they are not cluttering a landfill.


Back to the dosages, one of the glasses was marked with 2 centiliters.  I went back to the cap on the Act bottle and measured out the 10mm, and poured it into the glass.  I need a new mark.


 I just happened to have this gold marker that is permanent and works on glass.  First test the marker on paper and make sure the ink is running smoothly, then at the edge of a counter, rest your hand on the edge, and start your mark on the clean glass, turning the glass with your other hand.  You'll end up with a new pouring line.  Now the line will last about a month or so with use,  you will need to redraw the line sometime down the road, so keep the pen touch handy.


I think a good use for these cute little schnapps glasses. If you don't have one, go to a thrift store and have a look around, I'm sure they'll have a wide variety of small glasses no one knows what to do with, or you might have some shot glasses lying around unused.

I promise to get back to sewing soon.

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