Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's towel madness !!!!... bathroom org continued

A little disappointed that I couldn't use the binder attachment, I turned to an old trusty friend for inspiration.  My vintage Pfaff Automatic 360, with embroidery stitches.  I have not used these stitches for any project, so this was a first for me.  It was pretty exciting to see that the cams still worked, and produced some pretty cute embroidery stitches for a machine that's over 50 years old.


I pulled out the instruction manual and started playing on scraps.  I used a thick silk Gutterman thread for the needle and regular thread for the bobbin.


So far so good....



Now onto the clean up towels.....
I was going to turn under and stitch but that would have made the edges very thick.  Instead I decided on three passes with the serger, the first pass with the knife engaged, and the next two passes with the knife disengaged. This gave me a sturdy edge that is finished.  It also left me with tails which can't stay that way.


So the solution is to thread a large eyed tapestry needle and bury the thread in the stitching.  To secure the thread further, you can take a back stitch and run it through the stitching again.


No more tails!!


Now I have piles and piles of towels.

Lest we forget that issue I have with the oral B, and the mess it leaves after brushing my teeth. No amount of rinsing cures it.

Looks pretty good but not good enough.

How about a little sleeve?

How cute a little furry shelf!

This works and I can toss it in the wash.

Last but not least, the flying shower curtain, which leaves puddles on the floor.  This issue has been solved with clips.  I placed the bottom clip high enough so that I can still reach the knobs to turn the water on before I get in the shower.
Shower curtain clips


Clio said...

Your toothbrush area has it's own shag carpeting! HA! I love it!

ELMO said...

OMG I hadn't thought of that you're right, now if we can work in a Mike Myers "Spy who Shagged Me" reference we'd be set.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

You have been busy! The bathroom is looking great. I really like the idea of making your own bath mat.

ELMO said...

It's a good solution for a bathroom that doesn't have circulation, which my bathroom doesn't. This is a lighter weight than the conventional bath mats, so it dries quicker.