Friday, August 17, 2012

Dharma Trading take 2 - Yucca

Yet another attempt at dyeing fabric at home, this one started off as 4 yards of a slightly heathered weave of thin creme colored rayon jersey.  In person it was more like a dirty beige (the pitfalls of online fabric purchases), so an opportunity to dirty up the washing machine again.

I told you it wasn't exciting.

We are using Dharma Trading Fiber Reactive Procion dye in Yucca.

First pre washing fabric.

Mix your slurry, can you say "Paranorman?"  On the right, the dye in powder form, on the left mixed with water.

Add your salt and soda ash

Drop your fabric in and agitate 30 minutes for light color, 1 hour for dark.
It's only been 5 minutes (I'm so impatient)

I am secretly hoping for streaky fabric...I just noticed my hands are green.... tic toc tic toc ding!!

The hour is up, another cycle to wash the fabric, and outside to dry.

The finished dry product!!!


Corrine said...

The color on my monitor looks really good. I haven't even attempted to dye fabric, I am rather sloppy and I am sure I would have it everywhere!

I have a friend who is painting and dying fabric, her skills started very basic but now, wow her talent is coming through. Some of her work is on my blog if your interested.

becki-c said...

Looks lovely! Are you happy with the color? How does it compare to the brochure? I have always wondered about dyeing big fabrics this way, I can't wait to see what you do with the finished product.

ELMO said...

I'll be right over Corrine, I knew a girl in HS that used to do batik, they were masterpieces. This was without any major drama since everything was done in the washing machine.

becki - I am happy with the color, it's lighter and has a little less yellow than the screen color, but most importantly it looks good on me. I have something else cut out now, but this fabric is calling me, so it might get bumped up.