Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Versatile career wardrobe... only $6,095.00

Alexander mcqueen blazer

Even if you had $6,000 to spend on 6 pieces, you may not find coordinating colors, how crazy is that?

Aren't you glad you sew?

These are some options for pattern equivalents.

The jacket may not have the signature McQueen rounded shoulders, but it's a good option for a jacket pattern. For the peplum tops Vogue 8815, comes with a long sleeve variation and the pattern is meant for wovens but could be altered for knits (the black version above is a jersey, and the white is a woven cotton).  The Claire Shaeffer pant is a ringer for the tailored pant above (although there are plenty of basic pant patterns that fit the bill), and the pencil skirt is probably already in your pattern stash somewhere.  The dress which is a fine knit is probably in Burda somewhere but I don't get the magazine, so if anyone has seen it, let me know.

McQueen pattern equivalent


becki-c said...

Love the red!
Yes, I am so very, very glad that I sew! I love that Claire Shaeffer pants pattern its very versatile. One thing that I did though is put a side seam on the waistband. I did that because I tend to alter the size of them a few times over the lifetime, and it takes up less fabric.
I can't wait to see your process for drafting that dress.

ELMO said...

I might have to do the same thing, I'm always pushing it when it comes to yardage, trying to squeeze as much as I can out of what I have. It would also be a good idea to do that and insert a side seam zipper instead of the front zip.

Carol said...

Imagine the number of garments you could make with $6000 worth of fabric! 106

ELMO said...

I should think quite a few. !