Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fashionable Embroidery Jonathan Saunders

Here's something we don't see everyday.  If I saw this fabric on a roll, I would walk right past it, thinking it was high end home dec fabric.  The red dress is a show stopper, and the skirt is growing on me.  So has he changed your mind?  Are we all going to run out and buy embroidered fabric?  Or will you be whipping up some yardage on your new Pfaff Creative Performance?

Embroidered wool
Jonathan saunders embroidered dress

Embroidered organza
Jonathan saunders embroidered skirt

Jonathan Saunders Fall 2012
Jonathan saunders embroidered fall 2012


Lisa H. said...

Nice inspirations. I've been looking for fashionable ways to add embroidery to sewn garments.

ELMO said...

I wish I had an embroidery machine now.

Corrine said...

The green embroidery on black fabric reminds me of a golf skirt I wore some time ago. Embroidered fabrics are stunning when used carefully.One must be careful not to appear in the fabrics left over from the latest upholstery project! I have been known to use bedsheets in the past, not all bad, unless someone went to the same white sale!

ELMO said...

I remember my mother making matching dresses out of a navy linen with large white graduated daisy flowers. It's a fine line with the embroidery, I see what you are saying.