Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Singer 500 Rocketeer monogrammer small letters Satin stitch

The Singer Rocketeer came with a monogrammer and cams.  I had tested these before and made some very cute little letters about 3/8" high.  I had misplaced the manual this time around and since I only use it for buttonholes it took me some time to figure out how to set the machine.

These are notes for myself in case I lose the manual and it takes me 2 hours to set the Rocketeer correctly.
You are welcome to them, if it will save you time, as this machine's settings are not as straight forward as the newer machines.

Set the machine to zig zag (selection BL), and the stitch width to 2 1/2

Monogrammer settings BL stitch width 2 1/2

Set the machine stitch length to FINE
Monogrammer settings BL stitch

Unlock the stitch density and push the lever all the way towards the back and lock.
If the fabric does not advance, unlock and pull the lever forward a smidge and lock.
Stitch density - All the way to the back

Voila the satin stitch monogram
Satin stitch monogram



Corrine said...

My Rocky doesn't have a monogrammer..............whine, whine, whine!

ELMO said...

Don't whine, they are very small about 3/8".... however there is a deluxe monogrammer that is larger and far more expensive. I don't have that one.... I may have to try a freehand monogram.

dishrag said...

Your letters look so much denser than mine! My fabric won't feed/move at all when the density setting is all the way back. I have to move it to about the half way point, and then my letters look bad, even though I go over them twice. Question: the stitch length on the machine shouldn't matter, right? You have yours on 'fine,' but since the dogs are covered, the length could be on anything. is that correct?

ELMO said...

dishrag - If I remember correctly, the stitch length should be set to 0. You are right it shouldn't matter since the feed dogs are covered but I always set it there as per the instructions. Stitch density is not set to fine on my samples, but very close. I had an issue with thread nests, but played with the density until I got decent letters. It's also important to note that the material for the samples is pretty stiff and thick, I haven't tried to monogram on lightweight fabrics.