Saturday, April 25, 2015

Decions.... Kitchen doors for Ikea cabinets

Using the Ikea layout, I priced out the Semihandmade Doors and they were going to cost a little over what the cabinets would cost. Yikes!!  I wasn't even going to get their high end, I went with the more economical DIY door which I would have to paint.


Semi handmade


IKEA Grimslov  $518
Semihandmade   $1,500 (excluding shipping est $350-$500)
Sherr Style 400   $450

They all look about the same, and the Sherr Style 400 come primed, it's a no brainer.  Just waiting for the sample so we can be sure it's the right decision.

Here are the specs.


Ikea Grimslov    Fiberboard, Foil, Melamine foil

Semihandmade  Solid wood frame with MDF panel

Sherr                  Solid wood frame with 1/4" plywood panel

Style details

Ikea Grimslov (unavailable)

Semihandmade Stile 2 1/2" Rail 2 1/2"

Sherr                Stile 2 3/8", Rail 2 3/8"

Is 1/8" of an inch enough to justify $1,050 more?  I can live with a little narrower Stile and Rail.
Semihandmade and Sherr also bore the holes in the back to fit the blum hinges.

I'm going with Sherr!!!


celkalee said...

I have studied these doors several times when I was in the re-do the kitchen mode. The over all difference is imperceptible. I would go with the more economical door. When the work is done they look cohesive and a Shaker sort of way!

ELMO said...

I agree, I was just astounded by the difference in price.