Sunday, April 5, 2015

Trying to economize in the bathroom....

At this point if I suggest tearing down the shower surround, I will have a mutiny on my hands.  Truth be told, the tiles in the surround don't bother me.  The bullnose needs to go, the avocado green accent will clash with everything else planned for the bathroom.  The tile in the surround has a green gold vein running through it, in an almost random pattern.  I can work with this.

The plan is to remove the avocado bullnose, and replace it with the impossibly thin bamboo tile mosaic, and finish with a bullnose to match the tile floor.  That is the plan anyway, since I did not have a tile from the surround I am relying on my memory to match color.  We shall see how that works out in the end.  In any event, I still have my receipts and can return them if it doesn't work out.  Once the tiles are installed, we can resume an almost normal existence on the site.  I really miss having the toilet and have to drive down the street to the gasoline station to use the facilities.

I pulled a white tile from the shelves to give me an idea of what a white sheen would look like next to the tiles.  I'm excited to see it in the actual space.

Next week there will be a lot of activity, more contractors coming out to the site, a long awaited dumpster will be delivered, so we can clear out what we have demoed in the big house.  Tradesmen will be coming out to give estimates, and landscapers to hopefully cut down trees.  I can test a color I have selected for the kitchen cabinets and if we are very lucky, in the next 10 days we will start the very large job of tiling. 


celkalee said...

The necessary room is one of those spaces. My last bathroom remodel took three years, by comparison you are a speeding bullet!!!

ELMO said...

I can't take three years to finish, that would undo me.