Friday, May 15, 2015

Doors make a difference

This is the before photo, these were metal doors that were peeling and had terrible seals.  The pane which was made of plastic was warped, the framing was rotted and I decided to replace them With fiberglass with composite jambs.

These were purchased from a local door factory, they use thermal Tru slabs and ocl lites.  I had a less expensive option selected but the devious salesperson made the mistake of giving me the catalogs to take home.

They still need to be stained, since the frames around the windows are a non stainable pvc painting them with a faux wood finish will be a project in itself.  I'm also still researching the gel stain for the wood grain texture.

This was what they looked like in the catalog.  

This is what they look like from inside.

Will the floor ever be finished?


celkalee said...

great choice! I am seeing a low slung mid century modern L shaped sofa and a great set of three lights dangling from the ceiling in three different lengths all frosted with translucent glass..........Oh sorry, you don't need any more incentives!!!

ELMO said...

I'm going to surprise you.