Friday, May 1, 2015

Updates and a birth or two

Not for the faint of heart  This week was carpel tunnel from demoing, and tiling and pressure cleaning.  My contractor was also woefully sick, so  we are taking it easy.  It was more about recovering and crossing T's and dotting i's.

So there was attic exploration.

Apparently critters are living there.

The make their nests out of attic insulation.
I am not excited about this.  I wore a respirator and tyvek suit for safety and I didn't want anything crawling on me.

Next I will be removing the insulation so we can take down the ceiling drywall.
more on that later.

Now for the births....
The sandhill cranes had two babies  

There's one there, looking like a red headed stepchild.  I'm  not sure where that expression comes from but it's  all I could think when I saw this little one.


celkalee said...

The babies are adorable. The insulation situation not so much. You are more brave than I am. I fear the critters and would have called someone, anyone to investigate for me. I am terrified of critters. I am going to make you a sash like the girl scouts wear. With each adventure and accomplishment you will get a badge. It is already half full by the way!

ELMO said...

I'm not excited about the critters either so we make a lot of noise to scare them away.

ELMO said...

By the way I never made it past brownies so I wI'll wear it proudly