Thursday, September 3, 2015

Flir One and Home Inspection...

The inspectors that arrived to perform the inspection on the homes, brought a Flir Camera, a professional quality for home inspection.  I just happened to have a Flir One camera that attaches to the back of the iphone.   I had them compare their images to mine, and while theirs were more defined, the readings were the same.  The bungalow has it's hot spots, and after having a meaningful discussion with the contractor, I showed him proof.  Because the inspection was done in December, these were more difficult to spot, everything read as blue (cold) because there was no heater running.
This is the wall with an air space behind it, and you can see the furring strips holding up the drywall.
So not only does it serve to show hot spots, but it's a stud finder as well.

Here is the addition, where they plastered the cinder block, there is no air space and the room is warmer.  No studs, one of the many future projects will be insulating the wall, maybe fabric will come into play on this project.


celkalee said...

Wonders never cease!

ELMO said...

I have x-ray vision now :)