Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Mid Century Sofa Demolition....

Last year I had a couch, it was from my student days, a 1980's leather Castro convertible, with a queen sized mattress tucked inside.  When my brother offered me a leather couch that was in much better shape, longer and more comfortable, I ditched mine.  Waiting waiting waiting, I get the call that the couch that was in the storage unit had invited some unwanted guests, and would I like a termite ridden couch..... ah no.  So off I went to my thrift stores to search for a couch, something with a small footprint, and stylish.

This is what I found, it looks good doesn't it?  It is in dire shape actually, the frame is in perfect condition, the cushions need to be restuffed, and the fabric is dirty.

Aside from creating new cushions and wrapping them in batting, I have little experience with upholstery projects but I thought this might be easy because the seats are all separate frames. Easy right! I can't tell you how difficult it was to peel off the covers.

 Ok, not so easy, these cushions are actually  molded into shape.

The foam is in good condition so all it needs is a little more batting. The additional batting will not allow me to reuse the cover that is spinning in the washing machine upstairs.  The covers will need to be shaped from scratch.  As luck would have it, Joann's only had one bag of cushion wrapping, I had to order the other online, so it should be in next week.  That will give me enough time to think about how I'm going to go forward, and to look for a good adhesive to hold all of these pieces together.

They won't have exactly the same shape as before but they already look better.

Stay tuned.... 


celkalee said...

Seriously? Next I think you will be posting your newly created atom splitting device that stores nicely in a dishwasher! I love it! That is quite a job I think, way beyond my skill set. I am limited to recovering cushions. This is turning into an amazing journey :)

ELMO said...

I will leave that to CERN, haha. I've only ever done cushion covers but thought this would be the next step up.... I hope I don't end up with a skeleton sofa of springs and metal. The torture chamber of sofas.