Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inspiration for a creative life...

I recently found this blog and got lost... I love her hands.

 Spirit Cloth.

At the end of my current project, I have a fantasy that I can live a little like this textile artist.  I love the way she interprets her musings and transfers them to fabric.  This is not an easy thing to do, how many times have we started a project with an idea of the final result, and we end up somewhere else.  This isn't necessarily bad but when you have a fixed destination and you end up a neighborhood over, it can be frustrating.

This can happen with sewing projects, as well as home renovations.  I thinks it's only when we exercise out creative muscles that we get there quicker.

Speaking of practice,  I think I've forgotten how to sew!


celkalee said...

I know, I know, her work is amazing. Love the feathers!

ELMO said...

Have you seen the stray cat project? It's really cute

celkalee said...

The cat interpretation is so creative. They actually have personalities. She is an artist in the true sense of the world.