Saturday, November 14, 2015

We have a visitor

We are almost finished with the demolition, just one small attic area above the patio that needs to be cleared of insulation, and 50 sq feet of tile needs to be removed.

In the meantime, walls have been going up and coming down.  Closets have been added, cubbies have been planned.  Plenty of head scratching over how to layout the laundry room, with the placement of a dryer vent next to the hot water heater.  How it was arranged before is a mystery.

We sat outside to ponder the changes when we spotted this. Yes it looks to be a bear paw.  Estimated to be 150 -300 lbs.  This would explain why the chain link fence is bent, despite efforts to straighten it.  A neighbor would later confirm that there is a mama and cub that cross over the fence and take a drink from the cove.  I will have to be vigilant when coming home at night.

 They cross just a few feet from the outside wall of the master bedroom.  The plan is to place a security camera there to catch them in the act.

Bear scat


celkalee said...

Well, Ill be darned! Bears! I guess I never thought about bears in your area. We have them here in the mountains and some of the foot hill communities are troubled as well. That sort of puts a spin on the whole roasting marshmallows in the back yard at dusk thing! Take care Mr. Boots.

ELMO said...

My brother lives near the forest, in 10 years, he has seen one. My house is closer to civilization, with more people and traffic. I never thought bears could be possible. Fencing will need to be repaired, and garbage will not sit outside in a bin, it will need to be taken to the transfer station. Maybe we need to build a tunnel to the lake so they can drink.