Monday, August 8, 2016

The finale.... the graduate's quilt

It's a bit bigger than planned but I think that's a good thing.  This is just a collection of photos of the process, and the final result.  My fingers are enjoying the switch from needle and thread to the keyboard.  Enjoy...

Pressing the seam allowance

Picking the backing and binding fabric, truly, a better fit does not exist.

Making the sandwich.

Using the walking foot....

and the magnifying glass accessory

 Tying off and sinking the thread....

Checking for pleats... this pattern is fabulous for hiding sins :)

Adding the binding...

Hand stitching the binding, it looks phenomenal, even I am surprised.

The finished quilt
Modern and traditional

Some more personalization for the girl.



celkalee said...

Wow, turned out great! She is a lucky girl. A quilt is like a hug when you are away from home, or at home! What is the magnifying glass attachment? Sounds like a great idea.

ELMO said...

Thank you, I appreciate your judgement, you've seen a lot of quilts ;) I hope she likes this one. The magnifying glass attachment is part of the Bernina accessory package. There is a set of 3 graduations that attach to the front of the machine, the first time I've used it. I need to have my eyes checked, I couldn't see where the binding started and ended..