Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dressing the croqui

Just a little about the lines you draw in on the croqui, you can use these to "plot" a new style, or just to keep symmetry on designs you draw.


1) start with the v at the neck and draw the base of your neck
(imagine a column)
(it should look a little like a crew neck)

2) Then find your shoulder bones and draw down following your side seams
(you can always give it a little shape later).

3) Between the shoulder joint and your neck - mark a halfway point.

4) Find your waist and draw it in starting with your belly button to the indentation at the side seams. Alternatively, just start with the center and go straight out to the side seams.

5) Then mark your crotch, knees, ankles.
6) Then draw in where your legs bend at the hips (this could be the bottom edge of a pantie line depending on what style you wear).

7) Then mark center front - from the v, to the crotch, intersecting the belly button.

8) Then quarter the body - shoulder midpoint, waist midpoint, hip joint midpoint.

After doing this exercise, I found a few things out about my own body, like different shoulder lines. One straight and the other that curves downward. This would explain why I always find myself making shoulder adjustments. You may find high hip, tilted waist... we're all a little uneven:)

Do a last check to make sure that your lines are as symmetrical as possible. Since this is all done in pencil you can still play with the lines until you're happy with it.

I found two outfits in an old Anthropologie catalog that I think would like nice on my Croqui's body type.

Now whenever you want to dress the croqui, you have reference lines to refer to. Look at the style on the model and where these points fall on her body and transfer them to your croqui.

So I found two styles for "Kate the croqui" and dressed her.

Here we've marked the major points and outlined


Then I found this style, which I also thought might be fun.




Barbara said...

This is really great!Thanks a lot!

ELMO said...

You are welcome! I would love to see what others do with this instruction, I would like to see everyone's croquis, that might be fun.

Barbara said...

Hehe, my boyfriend had a lot of fun today taking the pictures! I'll print them tomorrow.

ELMO said...

I'll head over to your blog to check them out.

Ann-Marie said...

Thank you, I love your blog.
I´m working on my croqui. In time I´ll send you some pictures.

greetings from The Netherlands, Ann-Marie

ELMO said...

Ann-Marie, I'm looking forward to it!

pony said...

This is a fantastic series of posts. Thanks for sharing your croqui tips. As soon as I get over my cold, I will be making my own croqui to use for planning my summer holiday wardrobe. Brilliant blog!

ELMO said...

Pony, I hope you feel better! tks