Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hermes scarves

For those of you who missed Martha Stewart yesterday, the lovely people from Hermes were presenting their wares. Their scarves tied in the most inventive and classic ways, so thoughtful of them, really, all you have to do is drop $800 for the two scarf tunic they tied (what????). I didn't hold out much hope for the shrug they tied, (it was falling off the model's shoulders), then I tried it at home, and low and behold it was cute (I guess it needed some broader shoulders).

Martha Stewart Hermes

Here's a pic of my scarf, (just remember to make sure the motif is right side up). You don't need an Hermes scarf to do this, how many of us have a 36" square of silk lying around the house (that is a finished measurement, with a rolled hem). This would be a good time to pull it out and finally use it. What a great idea to practice rolled hems, or a mitred border.

Colette patterns has a cheat of a hand rolled hem (click here). I'll have to try this out.

and Threads Magazine has a mitred hem tutorial (click here). (although this might be too thick for a delicate little knotted corner.)




To make this lovely shrug, just fold scarf in half and tie ends in dainty little knots. If you are smaller leave larger tails on the knots, or make your scarf smaller. It's not a bad option for traveling, when you just want to cover your shoulders with a little something.


Karin said...

It does seem like a nice idea for travelling to warm climates. On the other

becki-c said...

That looks so fabulous! The motif makes it. I can't think of a better way to show off such s fashionable piece.