Saturday, September 18, 2010

Featherweight Case part 6 The Lining

Here's where we are on the case. A few bad days of rain have prevented any further work, but I've made headway today.

I went with the laminated cotton for the inside, just in case any oil spills, I'll be able to clean it up easily.


These are the side supports for the top shelf.

Here is the finished inside!!

Still waiting for the glue to dry.


to be continued....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Featherweight Case part 5 still cleaning

Well I can't stop cleaning it. There are still just a few little bits of glue left on it, and now it has a Swedish bleached wood effect. So another decision to make.


Should I just finish it with a stain finish, or should I go ahead and use the fabrics in my stash. Black ultrasuede outside with laminated cotton Kaffe Fasset for the lining.


Milleflore pattern close up.

Featherweight Case part 4 - rusty bits

There is metal throughout the case which was a bit rusty. The handle D-rings, the hinges, the locks and the feet. I have decided not to take any of these things off, because I can't do it without further damaging the case, and aside from a little rust, it's all in good condition. With a little help from WD40, a wire brush, and some oil, the pieces are much improved. They aren't perfect but they have character.

Handle D-Ring - before

Handle D-ring - after

Locks - before

Locks - after

Underside of the D-rings - before

Underside of the D-rings - after

The actual handle base is stitched through the wood, it was attached with a chain stitch and cord. All of this was cleaned up below.
Stitching around the D-Ring.


I really have to hand it to Singer these were made very well.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Featherweight Case part 3

So after a full day of scrubbing, the little guy screamed "uncle" and I stopped.  Tomorrow, I will start to recover him.  I don't recommend doing this unless it is absolutely necessary.  It is a lot of work :( but I'll have an original case with no smell, that is unique.  Fabric selection next....



I know I can go out and buy a perfectly functioning case, but these were very well made (aside from the falling apart), it really only needs a little glue and TLC. The previous owner left it sitting in water, which was part of the problem. I don't think the replica cases were built with dove tail joints.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Featherweight case part 2

So after the 8 hours, the smell is almost gone.  So I started taking a good look at the case to see what could be salvaged.  Someone had peeled back part of the black outer cloth and used packing tape to secure the bottom.  One the tape was removed the bottom fell off, then part of the side followed, so I decided to test how much of the fabric was still attached and here's what I ended up with.



You can see how the case fabric was disentegrating, the black dust on either side of the case was the issue.
I think in the end it's a good thing that this happened, so tomorrow I get to scrap off the cloth that remains.