Monday, September 13, 2010

Featherweight Case part 4 - rusty bits

There is metal throughout the case which was a bit rusty. The handle D-rings, the hinges, the locks and the feet. I have decided not to take any of these things off, because I can't do it without further damaging the case, and aside from a little rust, it's all in good condition. With a little help from WD40, a wire brush, and some oil, the pieces are much improved. They aren't perfect but they have character.

Handle D-Ring - before

Handle D-ring - after

Locks - before

Locks - after

Underside of the D-rings - before

Underside of the D-rings - after

The actual handle base is stitched through the wood, it was attached with a chain stitch and cord. All of this was cleaned up below.
Stitching around the D-Ring.


I really have to hand it to Singer these were made very well.

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