Monday, September 13, 2010

Featherweight Case part 5 still cleaning

Well I can't stop cleaning it. There are still just a few little bits of glue left on it, and now it has a Swedish bleached wood effect. So another decision to make.


Should I just finish it with a stain finish, or should I go ahead and use the fabrics in my stash. Black ultrasuede outside with laminated cotton Kaffe Fasset for the lining.


Milleflore pattern close up.


snuzal said...

Wow what a huge change. You've done a beautiful job of stripping it back. I really don't know what I'd chose to finish it though!

Karin said...

I'd keep the bleached wood affect. It looks pretty and it shows the heritage of the case and what it has been through. Also it's less work! :)

celkalee said...

What a great job! I think the fabrics you show are perfect. Now here is a twist, since the antique value of the case is not an issue with this one, would you consider reversing the fabric on the inside and the milleflore on the outside? Just a thought.

DD said...

IMHO,It is now too beautiful to cover with fabric!! Show off all of your hardwork. WOW!! I have a new found respect for the restoration process.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that wood looks AMAZING. No way would I cover that with any fabric. Bravo!