Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everybody ready for Downton Abbey?

Season 3 is Airing tonight on PBS.

If you miss it, I believe you'll be able to watch it on the PBS website.

I'm getting out my silver plated platter, set up with an herbal tea and a fine china tea cup and dessert plate.  I managed to get to the french bakery to get a few pastries, so I'll be sitting on the couch in my vintage silk taffeta robe, silk bias nightgown and thick socks .... (because I don't have maribou slippers) completely lost in the finery.

Don't miss it!!


Corrine said...

I'm with you, not finely attired or nibbling pastries, but here, with my tea and two rather cranky dogs.

ELMO said...

It's such a guilty pleasure, I forgot to mention my fur ball. What we really need is an afternoon tea to accompany the viewing, although I'd be spending my time shooing the cat away from the cream instead of watching.