Thursday, April 25, 2013

Women's Seersucker Blazer

Why not?  Summer is coming and I've always wanted one.  There was one I remember seeing in my distant memory that I loved.... but time ravages the details that had me lusting after a particular one.  It was fitted, it had flap pockets with a top welt, 3 I think, can't remember if it had grosgrain trim, but I do remember the inside seams had a Hong Kong finish, and a two piece sleeve with vent and buttons.  Unless you are searching Juicy Couture or LL Bean, there are no upscale seersucker jackets to be found, so we begin the cobbling together of available jacket styles to pick and chose what I want the final product to look like.

This is a men's version, but I like the pockets, but would drop the chest pocket, and I think I'd like the collar and lapels to be narrower.

Here's a women's version but it's a Little Boy style from Brooks Brothers and it looks like they ran out of fabric, so I want something that looks more generous.

Another men's version with the grosgrain ribbon, if done in a dark color could actually be slimming. The horizontal stripes are not me, but it there are some details that I can definitely use here.

Check back in a few months for the reveal!

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