Saturday, March 28, 2015

spring is in the air and things are sprouting

Things are moving slowly, so this post is about spring  where I live it's so hot most of the year we forget there are seasons.  Just a few hours north though there are definite signs of spring




This cypress tree that we thought was a goner

Then I found this leaf in the concrete foundation.
This is what it looked like before, yup the one on the left, is the one above.

A contribution from a tree on the property.

Driving 6 hours in rain has me drained so more on the house later ....


celkalee said...

Well there you are! I hope all is coming along nicely. Your Spring flowers are lovely. I am jealous. I have snow covered greenish things sticking up here and there. Not a bloom in sight.

ELMO said...

I know spring is coming, you just have to hang in there. We've had such a mild winter, I'm afraid of what the summer will bring.

becki-c said...

So pretty! I do love spring. Even though the flowers lead to hot summers, you get a beautiful glimpse of happiness.
Summer will bring sunshine, and more daylight to finish big projects.

ELMO said...

Hiya Becki,
I love the brief spring we had today we are in the 90s.