Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Bathroom..... tiles and the fun stuff...

Not eager to jump into another demolition, I'm going to ignore the tiles on the floor and the bath surround. OK I lied, I can't ignore them  the tiles on the floor will clash with the new tiles  since we had to rent the hammer to scrape up the thin set I took advantage and demoed the floor in the bathroom.  My contractor was not pleased. too late all done. ;)

You can't really see the tile floor but trust me ugly  

This was it, ugly right? On its own, not ugly but in combination with the shower enclosure tile, they didn't coordinate.  The floor tiles were grey and pink matte, the shower enclosure has a high gloss textured green and white, with avocado bull nose trim.

This is prettier.... because it's gone.

 Onto planning, the bathroom is huge compared to what I'm used to.  My current bathrooms are 6' x 6.5'.  Just enough space for everything.  I've never even thought of them as small.

The new bathroom is 6' x 10'.  It seems large but once you place the vanity there isn't much space for anything else, weird.  Since the door opens into the room it gobbles up that additional space.  Ah well, at least it will feel larger with the door closed, and now for the first time ever, I have drawers in the vanity, with soft close hardware, and a recessed medicine cabinet, I'm living for the small delights people.

Here's the plan.....

Almost Downton Abbey worthy

On sale!! $329 vs $379

Ballantyne Mocha with Ebony Glaze Traditional Bathroom Vanity (Common: 36-in x 22-in; Actual: 36-in x 21-in)
  • Crafted from all wood with an open back
  • Slow-close doors and full extension drawers with dovetail construction
  • Fits with 37-in x 22-in vanity top (sold separately)
  • Fully assembled and ready to install

I knew I wanted a square sink, but once I priced them out and thought about the budget I went with this.  Here it paid to do a little shopping, there was one at Lowes for twice the price of HD.  To be clear, they were different materials, vitreous china vs cultured marble but this won't get a lot of use, and the look is the same ($397 vs $139 = $258).

$139 bargain!!

The Faucet from

By the way, I've bought a number of plumbing fixtures on Amazon, and they have the best quality for a much better price than the box stores.  This will coordinate with the sink faucet $158 vs $184 from any other source (-$26).

Last but not least, the medicine cabinet.  The wall over the sink already had an opening for the cabinet, it was just a matter of finding a size that would fit without too much alteration to the wall.  After much hunting, I went with this which is functional, and has plenty of space to move the contents of my current three medicine cabinets combined.  I'll have to think about a wood trim of some kind to tie everything together, but that will be later, for now, the mirror will reflect the light coming in from the window, and there will be a place to put everything.

I've come to think of Lowes as being pricier than Home Depot but in this case, the exact same cabinet was $179 vs $218, $39 cheaper at Lowes.

Mercifully, the toilet and bathtub are in great shape, so no changes there, I will be using the towel bars and hooks from my current home.

Bathroom Reno so far $805, savings $379.
Tile TBD. ...

The majority of the savings were in the sink purchase, which is not an apples to apples comparison since the same look was achieved, so I'm counting it.... I hope my budget is as successful with the future projects.


celkalee said...

Nice room. The vanity will be really elegant. Glad you popped the floor, might as well, already had the equipment and we both know that in a week or two or somewhere down the road you would have wished to have done it. Great progress! HBD!

becki-c said...

Looks like you will have it just the way you like it. You are so good for doing this all yourself, and saving so much money!

ELMO said...

Celkalee - I'm already itching to do the bathtub surround but I think that will start WW3, I will make it work though.

Becki - I'm hoping doing it myself will not be a false economy in the end. Demolition has been at times fun, but dirty work.