Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Barcelona Chair strap project Finally Sewing almost....

Staging a part of any home selling experience, I'm trying to spruce up my place.  Now I have these Barcelona chairs, they aren't the originals but reproductions that were in my parents house and purchased in the 70's.  The cushions have been replaced and recovered a number of times, the original leather straps have long gone by the way side.  They were replaced with nylon strapping and were never terribly good looking.  Once the cushions were covered in black ultra suede, the nylon was discolored in places and starting to look even worse.  

There is an online source for new leather straps and cushions but I'm not sure that I'm keeping them, so I want them to look better but don't want to invest too much money on them.  Enter the English strapping.

After some measuring and 

some assembly line sewing.



celkalee said...

The emerging rehab addict demonstrates her upholstery skills, very nice. Modern and architectural.

ELMO said...

Ah so kind, it's english webbing, so it's a british barcelona yuk yuk